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Check back here periodically to see what great things we are creating!

We are quite busy these days working on all of our projects, and getting all of this out there to share takes even more time.  So be patient.  We know that everyone wants to see what we are doing and follow along and we're trying to figure out how best to share our adventures.  Some of what you see early on is me testing and trying new things.  I am learning and hopefully improving.  I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't have fun doing it, and part of the fun is knowing others enjoy what they see.  Send us encouragement to continue and comment about the content.  Tell us about what you think is great, not so great and what you'd like to see more of. 

I have many plans for this website that are different from our personal adventures.  That is why I have separated it from our blog.  So for the time being, you can log in here and follow the link below or go directly to www.sailwanderingtoes

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